Object 2: The Truth of Doofnac Xemi (Identified by readers)

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Fits in hand

December 2, 2012

At Doofnac Xemi, Tucumcari, NM


Truth Tools

Can you figure out why it’s called Doofnac Xemi?
(Sadly, the building has since been demolished.)

I found this object in the dilapidated junk store Doofnac Xemi in 2009. This was a junk store in every meaning of the word—the store itself was falling apart, and most of the objects inside weren’t worth their equivalent volume in breathable air. But one object caught my eye because it had the word “TRUTH” stamped into it. I knew that if I purchased it, I could always say “I found the truth at Doofnac Xemi.”

However, I have no idea what it is.


  • Markers used are measured in centimeters.
  • It’s old. The screws are flathead.
  • It’s a fairly mild steel as it rusts.
  • TRUTH is an old tool company.
  • The hinge is very strong, but only opens slightly. It’s open fully in the photos.


  • It was used to make flanges or crimps.
  • It may have involved heat—there seem to be bits of melted insulation on it.
  • The screws are in a “parked” position. They were probably used to hold this tool shut.
Photos below are in hi-res so you can examine the object closely.



Thanks for all the comments about what this might be. Many things have been suggested, but the most likely candidate is that it’s part of a flanging tool set. Thanks to everyone who suggested that! Don Lacey and Theresa Baker included links. Having only half the complete tool certainly makes identification a challenge.

Superior® 45 Degree Pipe Flaring Tool (17515)

Ridgid 24797 345 Flaring Tool w/150 Tubing Cutter & Case Kit




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