Mystery Object 454: Field Find

Size: Frisbee Recorded: July, 2017 Found: Opelika, Alabama Circa:  ? Made: Unknown Material: Cast Iron Status: Unknown An e-mail showed up, and it read: “Hoping you might be able to help with this mystery. Found digging in the back yard in Opelika Alabama. Cast iron and weighs 10-15lb. Note the toe of my size 11 croc in one of the […]

Mystery Object 311: Winged Wonder

Size: 240mm, apparently Recorded: August 2015 Found: New Zealand junk shop Circa:  Mid 1900s? Made: Unknown Material: Steel Status: Unknown     Thanks to Richard Easton for submitting this item Richard found this intriguing item in a shop, and the fact that he didn’t know what it was didn’t stop him from buying it. (Richard is our kinda guy.) This […]

Mystery Object 295: Band of Brothers

Size: Hula Hoop Recorded: December 2014 Found: New Hampshire Circa:  1900s? Made: United States Material: Steel Status: Known Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this object! Some folks will know instantly what this is, and others will think it’s some piece of industrial equipment that they have no connection with. In fact, these are still used today and are very common. […]