Mystery Object 454: Field Find

Size: Frisbee Recorded: July, 2017 Found: Opelika, Alabama Circa:  ? Made: Unknown Material: Cast Iron Status: Unknown An e-mail showed up, and it read: “Hoping you might be able to help with this mystery. Found digging in the back yard in Opelika Alabama. Cast iron and weighs 10-15lb. Note the toe of my size 11 croc in one of the […]

Mystery Object 311: Winged Wonder

Size: 240mm, apparently Recorded: August 2015 Found: New Zealand junk shop Circa:  Mid 1900s? Made: Unknown Material: Steel Status: Unknown     Thanks to Richard Easton for submitting this item Richard found this intriguing item in a shop, and the fact that he didn’t know what it was didn’t stop him from buying it. (Richard is our kinda guy.) This […]