Mystery Object 184: Dirty Diamond

Size: Platter Recorded: September, 2014 Found: City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri  USA Circa:  1800? Made: United States Material: Steel or iron Status: Known     These are rather common, but aren’t used much currently. They were often added after a problem was observed, and as you can see from the picture, they were sometimes painted. The back side is completely flat. […]

Mystery Object 183: Stone Circle

Size: Jelly Donut Recorded: September, 2014 Found: Cahokia State Historic Site, Collinsville, Illinois, USA Circa:  1500? Made: United States Material: Quartzite and other stones Status: Known     Cahokia is the largest pyramid structure north of Mexico. It’s an entire city that once represented the capital of a pre-Columbia empire that controlled much of the Mississippi River Valley. These objects […]

Mystery Object 182: Handled Hoop

Size: Very large canoe paddle Recorded: September, 2014 Found: North Branch Antiques, Antrim, NH Circa:  1800s? Made: United States Material: Steel Status: Uknown         Thanks to Kitty Mervine for the submission! No one seems to know what this is. It’s an adjustable metal hoop, with a very long handle attached at an angle. One one side […]

Mystery Object 181: Sinuous Solution

Size: Large keyboard Recorded: January, 2014 Found: Connecticut Circa:  1920 Made: United States Material: Steel, brass Status: Known     This device literally changed history, and is related to the device you’re using to read this content. It was meant to be used outdoors. Very few people would use these, and those that did, didn’t own the ones they used. It could […]

Mystery Object 180: Motorized Monster

Size: Soda Can (main part) Recorded: September, 2014 Found: Golden Princess Circa:  1938 Made: United States Material: Steel, wire, other materials Status: Known         Thanks to Chip Taylor for this submission! Our first mystery object that’s just a blueprint, but can you figure out what this was for? The modern version is pretty common, though this one was probably meant […]

Object 1: Plastic Pyramid

Reference: Object 1 Size: Fit in hand Recorded: September 18, 2012 Found: At home Status: Identified