Mystery Object 210: Confusing Clock

Size: Plate Recorded: December, 2014 Found: A museum in the United States Circa:  1875 Made: Japan Material: Brass, Ivory Status: Known   Thanks to Craig Sachs for this submission It’s a clock, but that’s only the beginning of the mystery. What can you determine about this device, and how does its existence show a major change in Japanese culture? […]

Mystery Object 209: Hinged Hoe

Size: Frying pan Recorded: July, 2014 Found: Tri-Cities Museum, Grand Haven, Michigan USA Circa:  19th Century? Made: United States Material: Iron Status: Unknown   This museum is an odd combination of railroad and nautical equipment, and it’s unclear which this item was for. The handle was designed to tighten the blade in place firmly, making it adjustable but not […]

Mystery Object 208: Creepy Carving

Size: Ruler Recorded: November, 2014 Found: Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA Circa:  19th Century? Made: King Island, Alaska, United States Material: Ivory Status: Known   This tool may look decorative, but it served a vital purpose. It was used in conjunction with other tools and a lot of patience to provide nourishment. CLICK THE GIBBERISH TO SEE THE HINTS Hint […]

Mystery Object 207: Scary Skin

Size: Small spice jar Recorded: April, 2014 Found: International Museum of Surgical Science Circa:  1920s Made: United States Material: Silver and kid skin Status: Known       This device is shown in two states, right-side up and unused, and upside-down and used. It was an important part of many medical procedures, and you would definitely want your doctor to […]

Mystery Object 206: Glass Gizmo

Size: Chips A’hoy Cookie Recorded: April, 2014 Found: International Museum of Surgical Science Circa:  1910s Made: Philadelphia, United States Material: Milk Glass Status: Known     UPDATE: It seems I was a bit confused about this device originally and didn’t realize it was missing a part. I’ve corrected the text. A simple little device meant to solve would could be […]

Mystery Object 206: Brass Box

Size: Box of checks Recorded: October, 2014 Found: In a tackle box on a sailboat on Lake Erie Circa:  Unknown Made: Unknown Material: Brass Status: Unknown   Thanks to the Facebook group SV Seeker for posting this original and arranging for permission for it to be posted here. It’s truly an intriguing object. Owner does not know what it is. […]

Mystery Object 205: Manufactured Mushrooms

Size: Half Barrel Planter Recorded: September, 2014 Found: City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri Circa:  1950s Made: Italy Material: HDPE Status: Known     Those who joined us on our field trip to the City Museum saw these unusual objects. They are in a large, open area with no instructions. While the City Museum is largely consists of repurposed objects, these […]

Mystery Object 204: Spiny Thing

Size: Paint Brush Recorded: November, 2014 Found: Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Circa:  1950s Made: United States Material: Catalin and chromed steel Status: Known     Thanks to Kitty for donating this object to the College of Curiosity!  This item was invented to try to solve a problem that some people might not have known that they had. It was […]

Mystery Object 203: Ceramic Serenity

Size: 2 Tissue Boxes Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Circa:  1800s Made: China Material: Ceramic with glaze Status: Known       The Egyptian version of this is even more uninviting, but there’s a very good chance that you have at least one of these in your home and probably more. This particular example was associated with […]

Mystery Object 202: Huge Hook

Size: Barstool Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Hawaii Circa:  1800s Made: United States Material: Steel Status: Known       This hook is the result of many years of trial and error, and it was used for one specific thing. It’s unlikely that you’ve encountered one, though they may still be in very limited use today. It required the use of […]