Mystery Object 194: Vampire Vessel

Size: Keg of beer Recorded: October, 2014 Found: HMAS Vampire, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia Circa:  1950’s Made: Australia(?) Material: Galvanized steel Status: Known     This item was on an outside deck of the HMAS Vampire, a post-WWII Daring class destroyer of the Australian Navy. Though an essential part of the ship’s operations, it was not used for any directly […]

Mystery Object 193: Fantasy Fan

Size: Desk Fan Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Canada Circa:  Current Made: Unknown Material: Aluminum, primarily Status: Known          Thanks to David Green for submitting this item! Yes, yes, it’s a fan. Or is it? You can see a fan blade, but you can’t see a plug or battery pack—because there aren’t any. There are many other devices that […]

Mystery Object 192: One-Wheeled Wonder

Size: Man’s Shoe Recorded: September, 2014 Found: City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri Circa:  1880’s Made: USA Material: Cast and wrought iron Status: Known   These devices are still common today, though this one has quite a bit of history associated with it. It was designed to be used many times a day. Only one wheel was necessary to make the mechanism […]

Mystery Object 191: Spinning Spindles

Size: Washing Machine Recorded: September, 2014 Found: City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri Circa:  Early-20th century Made: USA Material: Brass, cast iron Status: Known     It might be obvious what this is, but take a closer look. It has a pedal, and a shifter, as though it was meant to be driven somewhere. Two people were required to use this item, […]

Mystery Object 190: Fancy Face

Size: Large Spoon Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Colorado Estate Sale Circa:  Mid-20th century Made: Switzerland Material: Metal, glass Status: Known         Thanks to Susie Lee for this submission! What looks like it could be a boatswains timepiece is and was used to determine something that would be difficult with more conventional tools. One might use this on land, […]

Mystery Object 189: Strange Scissors

Size: Large Shears Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Celebrity Solstice Circa:  Current Made: Murano, Italy Material: Metal Status: Known         Yes, they’re scissors, but they’re used for cutting something unusual. You wouldn’t have much use for these in your kitchen, but a few homeowners might have them. Most are in the hand of professionals. Using them can be dangerous, […]

Mystery Object 188: Missionary Mechanism

Size: Sewing Table Recorded: October, 2014 Found: Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, USA Circa:  19th Century Made: USA Material: Wood and metal Status: Known   Apologies for the highly edited image, but this item was too interesting to pass up, and the editing was necessary to obscure its purpose. This was found in the home of the first missionary on Lahaina. It was […]

Mystery Object 187: Round Rubbish

Size: Communion Wafers Recorded: September, 2014 Found: Cahokia, Collinsville, Illinois, USA Circa:  14th Century? Made: Illinois, USA Material: Ceramic Status: Known   Found in the ruins of the greatest pre-Columbian civilization of what became the United States, these pottery shards seemed unusual because they were evenly round. Archaeologists did a bit of research and discovered something interesting. They come in […]

Mystery Object 186: Mysterious Mickey

Size: Napkin Recorded: September, 2014 Found: North Branch Antiques, Antrim, NH Circa:  20th Century Made: Illinois, USA Material: Cast iron Status: Solved by Trond Helge   Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this mystery object!  This oddly decorative item appears to be attached to piping, but for what purpose? Is it simply a valve to turn on water, or is there […]

Mystery Object 185: Batman Borrowment

Size: Index Card Recorded: September, 2014 Found: Facebook Circa:  Current Made: China (anywhere, reallly) Material: Steel Status: Known   Thanks to Andrew Hansford for submitting this mystery object!  While you could throw this at your enemies or use it as as stencil marking your devotion to either Cthulhu or the FSM, it’s not intended for either of those things. While […]