Object 40: Secret Circuit

Reference: Object 40 Size: Eraser Recorded: February, 2014 Found: Cabot, VT Material: Plastic (Bakelite?), Brass Status: Known

Object 38: Alien Rocks

  Reference: Object 38 Size: A cookie Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Millstat, IL Material: Rock Status: Known This object is a rock dotted with nut-sized nodules embedded in its surface. The nodules all have a similar star-shaped pattern. This was taken from a much larger section of stone with similar characteristics and features. A close look at the picture shows other patterns etched into […]

Object 37: Metal Mechanism

Reference: Object 37 Size: Box of Band-Aids Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Santa Cruz, CA Material: Metal Status: Known This object is a modern tool used by practitioners of a traditional craft. The machine is fairly simple, but it drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to do the same work manually. Small enough to fit in your hand, it can be made […]

Object 36: Odd Wooden Spoon

    Reference: Object 36 Size: Business Card Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Santa Cruz, CA Material: Wood Status: Known This object is shaped like a spoon, but was used for something other than eating. Fairly common in some parts of Europe in past centuries, today you’re likely to see one only in a museum, as their purpose in modern times is achieved by […]

Object 35: Angry Teeth

Reference: Object 35 Size: Graham Crackers Recorded: January, 2014 Found: Unknown Manufactured: USA Material: Plastic Status: Known These are designed to be used as a pair. You would probably not use just one. They are very sharp, and there’s enough space to stick your hand through the space. Known: Useful for one specific thing. Probably used more on holidays. Hints: Answer:

Object 34: Tubular Machine

  Reference: Object 34 Size: Duffle Bag Recorded: February, 2013 Found: Houston, TX, USA Material: Steel Status: Known This object is a bit archaic but could still be used today. It’s used to make a product that’s popular in the Southern and Western U.S., as well as parts of Latin America. If you mentioned the name of the product in New […]

The Painted Object

Object 33: The Mystery Clock

  Reference: Object 33 Size: Steering Wheel Recorded: September, 2012 Found: Walter’s Art Museum Material: Modern Reproduction Status: Known This curious object was also found in a painting in the same room. There’s water in the clear tube, and curiously it’s at a different level on one side than the other. FIVE hints: THE ANSWER:  It is a replica of a […]

Object 32: An Arc of Beads

Reference: Object 32 Size: Hard-cover book Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Santa Cruz, CA, USA Material: Wood, wire, and bone Status: Known This object consists of seven semi-circular strands of beads mounted on a wooden base. The beads appear to be made of bone, carved and painted with different patterns. It easily sits on a bookshelf, mantle, or desk for display as a work […]

Object 31: Strapped Screen

Reference: Object 31 Size: Life Ring Recorded: August, 2012 Found: Brevard, Florida Status: Known This object is made from screens and some riveted straps. There aren’t very many of these, and they weren’t used very long, despite being very expensive. And you absolutely know what it is, who used it, and why. Known: Only used by men. Only used by […]

Object 30: Bright Spot

  Reference: Object 30 Size: Bread Box Recorded: June 5, 2012 Found: Chicago, IL, USA Status: Known What you’re looking at is the inside of a box. The mystery is, why? Known: The box was outside. There was a clear sky. The box is for safety. There is a very strong clue on this page. Hints: Answer: