Season 1 Wrapup

The hosts talk about what it was like recording a podcast about fear and anxiety, and what the future holds.

Masks (Maskaphobia)

What’s so scary about the Easter bunny? Nothing, unless he’s a weird guy in a costume. Jenna tells about all the times people in masks have ruined her day.

Monsters (Teratophobia)

Monsters aren’t even real. Why are we so scared of them? And what should we be scared of instead? We ask some kids.

Poison Oak (Acarophobia)

Non (who hates peeing in public) talks about his old nemesis, poison oak—and how a lifelong fear of it did not save him. Bring calamine.

Peeing in Public (Paruresis)

Non (who is also afraid of poison oak) tells us why the urinals at Wrigley Field made him break out in a cold sweat.

Clusters of Holes (Trypophobia)

If the mere title of this episode made your scalp tingle, you probably have trypophobia. If it didn’t, OH BOY, have we got a fear for you.

Popcorn (Maizophobia)

Fisher can spot a popcorn kernel stuck in the carpet from across the room. He tells us about the perils of working in retail when popcorn is afoot.

Stepping on Fish (Ichthyphobia)

Averil is afraid of stepping on fish—especially fish that jump out of aquariums unexpectedly. It happened to her sister-in-law once!