Stories Needed for New Podcast Series!

The College of Curiosity is producing on a new podcast series called Pantophobia. We won’t be discussing pants so much, but we will be talking about anxiety, the things that cause it, and possible ways of reducing its impact. It may make for difficult listening, but it’s our hope that it will open some doors to curiosity on things that people just don’t talk about.

A big part of the series are personal experiences with anxiety, fear, and even horror—specifically on the following topics:

  • Drowning
  • Failing
  • Parasites
  • Anything unusual that gives you pause

We’re hoping to record audio of you telling your story to incorporate into episodes. We can do this anonymously, and even in someone else’s voice if you’d like. Your privacy is assured.

Have a story to tell us? Drop us a line at

Pantophobia: n. The fear of everything, including pants.

Pantophobia: n. The fear of everything, including pants. (Photo by stuart anthony)

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  1. tall bridges. You can pay people to drive you across them. It’s so common. Panic attack on the Chesapeake Bay bridge….but I think you can find LOTS of people with this . Also the cure was one that kind of works, but I’d rather pay someone to drive me across…. but our fellow skeptic friend who teaches at UNH gave me a way to get across at least a short tall bridge! But find someone with a cool story.

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