Past Field Trips

In  March 2011, we went from Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and to Grand Cayman Island aboard Celebrity Century.


  • Climbed a waterfall
  • Went to Hell
  • Fed and hugged stingrays
  • Made patterns on an ice bar. In the ocean.

In October of 2011 we went to Turkey, Israel and Greece on Vision of the Seas.


  • Explored a Soviet-Era Syrian bunker
  • Saw nutria swimming in the River Jordan
  • Climbed the Acropolis
  • Had lunch with a donkey (who ate some table settings)
  • Swam in the Dead Sea
  • Got kicked out of a holy place because we were wearing shorts
  • Watched kids playing soccer on the Temple Mount

In August of 2012 we went to Cape Kennedy, Nassau, and the Bermuda Triangle.


  • Saw the Space Shuttle Endeavor
  • Saw the launch pad of Apollo 13
  • Stayed in a hotel once owned by Mercury Astronauts
  • Climbed in a bat-filled cave
  • Explored underwater ruins at Atlantis
  • Got behind-the-scenes information about EPCOT
  • Ate schnitzel as an Oompa band played

In March of 2013 we went to Ecuador and the Galapagos.


  • Ate lunch on the rim of an active volcano.
  • Saw shrunken heads on the equator
  • Walked in Darwin’s footsteps
  • Saw baby turtles make their way to the sea
  • Swam with penguins, seals and sharks
  • Canooed through the rainforest at night
  • Fed piranhas
  • Found owls in the trees
  • Climbed over the canopy and walked in the clouds



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