Object 108: Sky Fan


Clearly a fan

Clearly a fan

Size: Igloo Cooler

Recorded: May, 2014

Found: Mariano’s Supermarket, Chicago

Material: Plastic or Metal

Circa:  Current

Made: Unknown

Status: Known

A switch

A switch

This started as an unknown, but Andrew Wiltz’s excellent Google skills brought us the answer. Thanks Andrew!

These fans are found in a brand new grocery store in Chicago. They are found over an aisle of dry goods, but not in the produce department.

What are they for?

Hint 1: 


They’re not on all the time.


Hint 2: 


They’re not for insect control.




They’re Zoo H60 Destratification fans. In the winter, the building’s high ceilings hold a lot of heat. These fans help force the heat back down to where the people are, saving energy. You can see their specifications here.


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  1. ^Good idea. Another thing could be to assist with heating in the winter, to circulate the warm air from the ceiling down to the room.

  2. How do we know it’s a fan? It appears to be strung on a rather small cable that would allow it to be all loosey-goosey if it were a high velocity fan.

  3. Yes, you’re right, I somehow overlooked that shot. Now I’m more interested in how it stabilizes itself than its purpose. Assuming it is a fan and not one of an array of holographic projectors sending out subliminal messages to shoppers.

  4. New idea. Maybe they are flycatchers. The bluish part of the hub of the “fan” could be UV LEDs. The blades draw the flies into a collecting area within the body of the object. The blades would not have to turn very fast.

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