Mystery Object 460: Measure This

From the side.

Size: Three Hole Punch

Recorded: May, 2017

Found: United States

Circa:  1932

Made: USA

Material: Steel

Status: Known

This is a tough one. Mary Hague Yearl was kind enough to send this to me, and after a bit of back and forth (and very little progress), we were presented with a letter that explained what it was for.

It was used to bend thin strips of aluminum into a very specific shape. And those aluminum strips were tools used to measure something that we don’t hear as much about these days.

It was used on college students, and if results weren’t satisfactory, adjustments could be made—to the student, that is.

These days, the current trend is to avoid a certain activity, but we all still do it. In fact, I’m doing it right now, though I have a button that makes it so I don’t have to.

The answer will have a copy of an explanatory letter and a link to a book explaining the whole thing.



It shapes aluminum strips for measuring someone’s posture. It works like this: it… well… honestly, I have no idea. But here’s the accompanying letter, and if you really want to know the system, you can track the book down.



Click for Larger Photos

Ruler for scale

I guess this is the front.

The “back”

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