Mystery Object 458: Baffled Box

The closed box. No writing on the outside.

Size: Loaf of bread

Recorded: May, 2016

Found: New Hampshire, United States

Circa:  1930s?

Made: Unknown

Material: Painted Wood

Status: Known

Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this item!

It’s a box, with a double-hinged lid, and compartments inside. This one is a bit different from most of these you’re likely to see because it has a lid, and no straps. Most boxes like this were worn, and almost exclusively by women. Some places in Las Vegas still have similar things, and they’re still worn. And still by women.

The box contained very specific things, and in specific locations.

I’ve take the liberty of removing some writing from the inside of the lid, as it surely would have given it away.



It’s a cigarette box. Each compartment held a different brand of loose cigarettes. The box would be passed around after a meal or during drinks at a club. It’s a smaller version of the trays that cigarette girls used to wear as they sold cigarettes to casino and bar patrons.



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Half opened. Probably not a normal state.

The closed box. No writing on the outside.

How most people would see it.

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