Mystery Object 457: Bent Bonus

Size: Pencil

Recorded: March, 2017

Found: Vermont, United States

Circa:  1950s?

Made: Unknown

Material: Aluminum

Status: Known

Thanks to Chip Taylor for submitting this item!

This is the type of thing that’s cheap to produce, and was often used as giveaways. But not anymore. Though both professionals and hobbyists had a use for these things, very few do now. And we’re grateful for that because it marks a significant leap in technology.

There’s nothing hidden here: it’s just what it looks like. I had to blur some text on it that literally said what it was for. Though you’d likely not use it as it was intended these days, you  might find another use for it. But pulling nails? No, that likely wouldn’t work.



It’s a tube lifter. In the days before the transistor, TVs, radios, amplifiers and the like used tubes to control signal and power. These tubes burned out, and as they were glass, they were hard to remove safely. This little thing helped pry them out of their sockets safely.


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  1. Unlocks your car if you have locked yourself out? Helped your remove something very important from your car engine? No clue…. but really interesting.

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