Mystery Object 455: Greenware Gadget

The label doesn’t offer much help.

Size: Big Gulp Mug

Recorded: March, 2016

Found: New Hampshire, United States

Circa:  1970s?

Made: United States (probably)

Material: Ceramic

Status: Known

Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this item!


Not too many hints here, but it’s likely an item that someone made, or finished at home. It appears to be made of “greenware,” a common clay material used for arts and crafts. Someone would buy a dried clay item produced in a mold. They’d paint it, apply glaze, and it would be fired in a kiln to produce the finished product.

This item was likely made for a man, but it didn’t need to be used one. The color may have been chosen for a reason relate to its use.

The Answer:


It’s a pipe and tobacco holder. Pipes sit in the depressions around the bowl, and tobacco is kept inside.


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