Mystery Object 453: Sanibel Surprise

It rolls! Why?

Size: Kitchen Trash Can

Recorded: February, 2017

Found: Sanibel Island, Florida, United States

Circa:  1980s?

Made: Unknown

Material: Wire, Plastic

Status: Known (Solved by reader)

There’s a very popular thrift shop on the island called Noah’s Ark. They get a ton of donations, and sometimes, they don’t know what things are. This is one of those things. They gave it to me for free, and were glad to do so.

There are two sets of rings, and they are all the same size. The inner ring is just under 12″.

What we know:

  • Found in a beach community
  • Nothing moves, except the wheels
  • It has three posts, which makes sense if you’re trying to keep something tipping over (three wheels are more stable than four.)
  • The wheels don’t lock, and are very small
  • It’s light weight
  • There are no markings
  • You can’t fit anything between the poles that would sit on the larger rings.

UPDATE: Someone figured it out. 

Here are some more facts to help you figure it out:

  • It’s meant for one gender, but could actually be used by both.
  • It’s meant to hold things that probably wouldn’t be used on a beach.
  • It holds things that were fashioned into weapons on the latest season of Orange is the New Black.
  • Though it’s on wheels, there’s not much reason to move it. Spinning it, however, could have value.



It’s a rack for high-heeled shoes. The heel fits over the smaller ring, and the shoe sits on the wider one. Here’s a photo of it in use.



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  Click for larger images

Two different sized rings.

Note that the connecting rods stick up over the ring in some places.


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