Mystery Object 452: Gang of Three

Part 1

Size: Coffin, Truck Tire, Ship’s Wheel

Recorded: December, 2015

Found: Everglades City, Florida, United States

Circa:  1920s

Made: United States

Material: Wood, Steel, Wire

Status: Known

I happen to be very familiar with these three things, and I have the scars to prove it. They’re usually used together, though sometimes, just one and two are used. You know what these are, but you’ve probably never seen them in this form.

They were used by men and women, but often if very unpleasant conditions.

Here’s a kicker: they were not used for manufacturing.

To get full marks, figure out what all three machines are.

Hint 1:


They have nothing to do with Florida.


Hint 2: 


Often found near a mangler.




This is an industrial laundry suite, which doesn’t look that different from what’s used today. From left to right, the devices are dryer, extractor, and washer. The extractor is for the spin cycle. Due to the weight of such a large amount of laundry, it’s much more efficient to have a separate machine to remove water before drying. The mangle, a drying and folding machine made famous by Stephen King, dries and folds sheets, and is not pictured here.



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Part 2

Part 3 (Flag unnecessary)


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