Mystery Object 449: Lost Lasso

Lighter for scale only.

Size: Small Hammer

Recorded: October, 2016

Found: Oregon, United States

Circa:  Current

Made: China

Material: Plastic

Status: Known

I saw this in a specialty shop, and I had to ask what it was. And I was like, “Of course!” and then I put it back because I have no use for it. And then I picked it up again because I do have a use for it: this.

It’s complete as is, and it’s meant to be used with something else. That something else is pretty specific, but once you get the idea, you could probably find other uses. The blue plastic part doesn’t open or move, but the black ring can slide.

Before you guess, know that it’s not for starting a motor.

Hint 1:


When you use this, you have four. When you’re not using it, you have two.


Hint 2: 


It’s only used a few times a year, in most cases.




Though similar items are used for things like gathering cables, this one is sold as a ski boot handle. Ski boots are hard and heavy. With this, you’d loop the two together and carry them with ease. When you use it, you have four shoes. When you’re not using it, you have two.


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The plastic ring moves.


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