Mystery Object 448: Look Ma, No Plugs!

The side.

Size: Large Pineapple

Recorded: January, 2017

Found: Vermont, United States

Circa:  1980s

Made: Taiwan

Material: Plastic, Glass

Status: Known

Thanks to Fisher Wagg for submitting this item!

This is strictly for the home user, and it allowed someone to move something from one place to another. Technology has changed at lot in thirty years, and though this would still work just fine, there are simply ways to accomplish what this did.

The most unusual thing about it is that it has no plug, or batteries. It uses no power at all. And yet when used properly, you’d see a nice, crisp, moving image on the screen. And it was possibly illegal.

Hint 1:


Yar, surrender the booty!


Hint 2: 


Nothing digital here.




It’s a Video Cine Converter. You’d project an 8mm film or other light source into the side, and then record what was on the screen with a camcorder, thus converting film to VHS or whatever format you had. The quality wasn’t great, but it did work.


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In all its glory.


Nothing back here.

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