Mystery Object 446: The Dome

Helpful instructions, unhelpfully blurred.

Size: Upside-down Cereal Bowl

Recorded: January, 2017

Found: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Circa:  Current

Made: Illinois, United States

Material: Plastic, Wire, Foam

Status: Known

A very kind friend sent this to us as a house warming gift. It doesn’t keep us warm, nor does it belong in a house. What is does is very welcome. And welcoming.

The dome opens, and you put in two D batteries. There is no switch. When the batteries are in, the lower wire part with the foam rings spins about 200RPM. The foam discs are not attached.

And that’s all it does. And it’s wonderful, because it helps us enjoy living here.

We don’t use it in the winter.

Hint 1:


Could be useful in Zika areas.


Hint 2: 


Has the same name as a 70s children’s outdoors toy.




It’s a Water Wiggler. It does two basic things: it makes the water in a bird bath move to attract birds and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. In the 1970s, there was a hose toy that sprayed water on kids with the same name.


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It does not fly.

Yes, that’s a quarter.

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