Mystery Object 445: The Bad Bird

There’s a hole in the wing.

Size: Egg Beater

Recorded: December, 2015

Found: New Hampshire, United States

Circa:  Early 20th Century

Made: Connecticut, United States

Material: Brass, Rubber

Status: Known

Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this object!

File this one under: mislabeled.

And not only was it mislabeled, it’s commonly “corrected” to be something else entirely. Which masks the real question… what the heck is it?

Pay attention to the bit that comes out sideways from the vertical piece. That’s the key. Something is missing from it. Also, the bottom cap comes off, but is hollow.

To figure this out, it’s best to keep it simple.

Hint 1:


Naught to do with cooking. At all.


Hint 2: 


It’s not meant to get hot.




It’s a toy bird whistle. A rubber hose was originally attached to the horizontal bit. The base was filled with water, and when blowed on, it sounded like a warbler. This object is often misidentified as a pie bird, or as a kettle whistle.


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The business end.

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