Mystery Object 444: Sproing


Size: Egg Beater

Recorded: December, 2015

Found: New Hampshire, United States

Circa:  20th Century

Made: United States

Material: Metal

Status: Known

Thanks to Kitty Mervine for submitting this object, and Beth Voigt for helping to solve what it was!

It’s not an egg beater. It’s a version of something that you’ve probably needed at least once in your life, and though it’s for something very specific (and ultimately unnecessary), it’s only one of many different devices dedicated to the task.

You might need this if you were cooking, at a picnic, or working on a Saturday night. It’s not for any type of food preparation or serving. In fact, if everything goes right, you won’t need this at all. But sometimes things go wrong, and the solution has been puzzling enough that people made this thing, and many others like it.

Hint 1:


Until recently, it was also used with a form of tree bark.


Hint 2: 


You can do the same thing this does with a napkin. Really.




It’s a cork remover, for those times when a cork gets pushed into the bottle. You stick the device in the bottle, squeeze the plunger, trap the cork and pull out. As for doing that with a napkin…



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“Put the pick in there, Pete, and turn it ’round real neat.” (Points to those who know.)

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