Mystery Object 443: Cough Drops?

Size: A bread knife

Recorded: August, 2015

Found: Collier County, Florida, United States

A nice ivory one. Ivory was probably the choice material.

Circa:  16th-Present

Made: Florida, United States

Material: Wood, Ivory, or Bone

Status: Known

These have been used for a very long time, and they’re still used today. You’re not likely to have one at home.

Though they’re used in a few industries, they’re essential to one, and that brings us to the name I’ve assigned.

They’d be used most often during and after bad weather, though they have nothing to do with weather, per se. If they weren’t used regularly, one’s livelihood would suffer. And while men and women used these, it was the livelihood of men that was at risk.

Hint 1:


Used all over the world, but not in places like Kansas or the Sahara.


Hint 2: 


They’re for maintenance.




Not Hall’s, but Fisherman’s Friend. It’s a shuttle for fishing net repair. A piece of line would be nestled in the cut out and woven between holes in the net. Fishing nets are damaged nearly every time they’re used, and constant repair is necessary.


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Ivory, bone or wood… whatever was laying around was fine.

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