Mystery Object 408: Brass Baffler

Size: Pen Knife

Recorded: August 2016

It looks the same on the other side.

It looks the same on the other side.

Found: New York, USA

Circa: Current

Made: Unknown

Material: Brass and Foam

Status: Known

Thanks to Craig Sachs for submitting this item!

To some, this item is a blessing. To others, it’s an annoying requirement.

It is an accessory for another device. To be used effectively, the owner would need to possess a certain skill. It’s not designed to make something “better,” but rather “more acceptable” under certain conditions. And it would only rarely be used professionally, except when one was practicing the aforementioned skill.

Hint 1:


In the kitchen (with Dinah).


Hint 2: 


Click and Clack theme.


It’s a banjo mute. Simply slip it over the bridge at the base of strings to quiet the instrument enough to not bother people outside the room. Here’s of a picture of it in “action.”


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It wouldn't work if it was shorter.

It wouldn’t work if it was shorter.

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