Mystery Object 323: The NEMCO

Look! I didn't hide stuff!

Look! I didn’t hide stuff!

Size: Large Can of Fosters

Recorded: October 2015

Found: Vermont

Circa: Current

Made: Canada

Material: Steel

Status: Known

Thanks to Chip Taylor for submitting this item.


It’s often wise to hide wording on objects lest they give away the answer. In this case, it doesn’t seem to matter. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about how electrical things can figure out what this DOES. The real question is… what is it for?

It needs to be mounted horizontally for some reason. And we’re not sure why there are quotation marks on the label. I’ve had use for this object in my life, but most people probably haven’t.

Hint 1: 


Jim Douglas probably wanted one.


Hint 2:


Where does the cord go?




It’s an auxiliary heater, designed for cars, tractors, and trucks that need a bit of help warming up the cabin. Jim Douglas was the driver of Herbie the Love Bug. Older Volkswagens were notorious for having very little heat.



You can figure out what it does, but what was it for?

You can figure out what it does, but what was it for?

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