Mystery Object 316: Handle Full of Hollow

What goes in there?

What goes in there?

Size: Toaster

Recorded: September 2015

Found: California

Circa:  20th Century

Made: United States

Material: Plastic, Steel

Status: Known


Thanks to David Glück for this submission!

This is such an uncommon object that I’ll be giving a few more hints than usual. There’s a good chance that there’s something in your house that this thing played a role in making, especially if you have an expensive kitchen. While there are no motors in the device itself, it was designed to be used with a motor.

You can tell by all the adjustments that there is a precision element to this thing, and that’s precisely why it was invented: it lets people do something that couldn’t do very well without something like this.

Only very observant people are likely to have noticed this little guy’s handiwork, but there’s a particular profession that has a lot of respect it.

Hint 1: 


The two “spikes” in the “back” come out.


Hint 2:


No staples.




It’s a pocket hole jig. The two spikes at the back are actually drill bits. One drills a hole, and the other inserts a screw. You can see it being used here. The kind of joints it makes can be found here. While this is a fairly esoteric device, unless you buy stuff only from Ikea, you probably have some of these joints somewhere in your home.


Handle Full of Hollow

Handle Full of Hollow

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  1. My neighbor would have gotten this instantly.When he’s not on the ham radio he spends a lot of time at Woodworker’s Warehouse buying stuff like this.

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