Jeff Wagg

About Your Curator

A curator’s job is to collect and present what the rest of us will find unusual, interesting, and delightful. It takes insatiable curiosity, a taste for the offbeat, and a feel for what audiences are sure to love. A dash of personality doesn’t hurt, either.

By a stroke of good fortune, College of Curiosity founder and curator Jeff Wagg is in full possession of the requisite qualities. From a young age, Jeff (and this comes verbatim from his Dad) was “… off in his own world.” While other kids lost themselves in sports, Jeff lost himself in nature, history, science, computers, zoos, museums, geography, metallurgy, history, botany, and more.

Jeff’s thirst for knowledge stayed with him through obtaining an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, and through the masters degree he almost earned after that. (Almost? Yes, almost. He gave up a fellowship because the university—never mind which one—was teaching unscientific material as fact. That tells you something about how seriously he takes integrity.)

Becoming an alleged adult hasn’t quelled Jeff’s thirst for knowledge. He keeps on absorbing and processing. Then he busies himself figuring out how to share in ways that create fun. That’s where the dash of personality comes in. You might expect someone fitting Jeff’s description to be a loner or a snob. Nope. Jeff is funny, approachable, and engaging. And he’ll be the first to tell you that College of Curiosity isn’t about him. It’s about discovery and sharing.

Check out the Daily and Weekly Curios, Mystery Objects, and the Oddments podcast. Better yet, join Jeff on a College of Curiosity tour, cruise, or other event, and follow him around as he points out, unrehearsed, fun facts about whatever he happens to notice along the way. You’ll see for yourself that this guy is a walking, talking repository of arcana and esoterica.

Or, to put it in plain English, he knows a lot of cool, unusual stuff, and he makes it fun. 

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