Jeff Wagg on Joy Sandwich

If you’ve listened to Pantophobia, you know Non Wells and his willingness to openly discuss his anxieties. But that’s not all he does. Non is also part of the dynamic duo who produce the Joy Sandwich podcast. And this week’s episode features College of Curiosity’s curator, Jeff Wagg.

The Joy Sandwich podcast (@joysandwich on Twitter) is a free show hosted by real-life best pals and partners, Jessica “I Still Want to be a Horse” (@readschmead on Twitter) and Non “It’s Non, not Gnome, like K-N-O-W-N. (@subjectplusverb on Twitter).

From their description: “If you like things that make you think, wonder, question, smile, laugh, and kick up your legs in that feel good, ebullient, goofball sort of way, you’ll find joy in Joy Sandwich. Pickles optional!”

In this episode, Non, Jessica and Jeff discuss aspects of curiosity, Jeff’s “path to curiosity,” and a little bit of the dark side of curiosity.

Have a listen at this link.


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