Day 9, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Our first trip to Prince Edward Island, potato capital of Canada, was a mild affair with waking around shops and a fine lobster and seafood lunch at a local watering hole.

Famous for John A. MacDonald’s creation of the Canadian Confederacy, is memorialized in a life-sized statue sitting on a bench with his beaver fur top hat as though he’s inviting you to sit with him. And that’s the feel of the place: you are instantly welcome the moment you set foot on the island’s striking red soil.

Of course, many people know the area from Anne of Green Gables, the orphan lass taken in by a farming family.

I chose this location with its strong tides to launch a message in a bottle from the quay at the end of Queen Street. It was quickly swept away to parts as yet unknown.

Sailing out of town, we were treated to amazingly beautiful seacoast dotted with functional lighthouses and capped off by a harrowing journey under the Confederation Bridge, a seven-mile-long conveyance between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ship had a mere six feet of clearance, which would have disappeared at high tide or if the ship had slowed down.





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