Day 11: Quebec City, Quebec

No, you didn’t miss a post. Our Day 10 was at sea, and we spent it relaxing, learning about the Halifax explosion of 1917 (a big deal) and losing at trivia. At dinner, we explored some mystery objects and an “amazing” deck of cards.

IMG_7298Today, we travelled down the St. Lawrence Seaway, arriving in the very French city of Quebec City. The only walled city in North America north of St. Augustine, FL, its ramparts saw quite a bit of action over the years.

Today, Quebec City is a vibrant city of 700,000 people, 96% of whom speak French. It’s not hard to manage if you’re an English-only speaker, but many of the signs are in French only. Fortunately for us, we had an official Quebecois with us to help us with the difficult stuff, such as determining which flavor of gelato was which.

The Hotel Frontenac completely dominates the skyline. Built in 1892 as a railroad hotel, it’s visage is one of the official images of Canada, being featured in EPCOT and just about any article about Canada. It’s currently owned by the province and is being renovated.

IMG_7281Walking around Quebec City is like being transported to some sort of idealized Europe. Less crowded, less polluted, and less expensive, the streets have sidewalk cafes, all manner of shops, and historical plaques galore.

Many of us opted for a 2 hour tour, which was a good introduction, but this city is really meant to be walked, and we were happy to start that journey with a funicular ride up the side of the dominating hill.

Our last port may very well have been our best port. Tomorrow, Montreal and home.



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