Clusters of Holes (Trypophobia)



Welcome to Pantophobia, a podcast about fear and curiosity!

Episode 6: Clustered Holes (Trypophobia)

If the mere title of this episode made your scalp tingle, you probably have trypophobia. If it didn’t, OH BOY, have we got a fear for you.

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Originally from Salem, Mass, Jeff now lives in Chicago.

Jeff Wagg

Jeff is the Curator of the College of Curiosity. He spends his days looking for curious people, things and points of view to share through words, audio and travel.

You can reach him at

Aubrey is the best dressed of the team.

Aubrey Henretty

Aubrey is a writer and storyteller in Chicago. She has a lot of questions.

You can reach her at

Mark Graunke

Mark Graunke

Mark is a pipefitter by trade and a mystery seeker by inclination. His hobbies include challenging his own fears and anxieties.

You can reach him at


Cover Photo: Puppies, supposedly a fix for trypophobic angst. (Public Domain).

CBS News: (WARNING: trypophobic images) Understanding trypophobia: Why some people fear holes.

NPR: (WARNING: trypophobic images) Fear Of Cantaloupes And Crumpets? A ‘Phobia’ Rises From The Web.


Special thanks to John for sharing his story and exposing himself to the very thing that effects him, and to Jenna for talking about some of the psychological aspects of phobias.

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  1. I listened to this episode with some trepidation, as I have a very specific trypophobic response. There’s a species of marsupial toad that incubates its young in holes in its back. Just thinking about it makes my scalp prickle.

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