Object 22: Iron Fork

  Reference: Object 22 Size: A slice of pizza Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Swanzey, NH, USA Status: Known Material: Iron This object was found in an antique store, and it’s oddly valuable. It was hand made near the turn of the 19th century. As it’s shaped like a fork, you might think it had something to do with food—and you’d be […]

Object 21: Precision Lens Mechanism

  Reference: Object 21 Size: Rolling pin Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Island BBQ, Sanibel Island, FL, USA Status: Unknown Material: Brass, glass, steel, and possibly emerald. The object was found in a BBQ shop. The owner doesn’t know what it is as it was there when he took over the place nine years ago. Before that, the store was a pizza […]

Object 20: Impractical Cup

  Reference: Object 20 Size: Large coffee cup Recorded: October, 2012 Found: The Walters Art Museum Constructed: 530 BCE Status: Known Material: Pottery This object is a cup! It was meant for drinking and no, that’s not the mystery. The mystery is it’s shape—why design a cup that you can’t set down? The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is an American treasure, […]

Object 19: Metallic Circle

  Reference: Object 19 Size: Trash can lid Recorded: October, 2012 Found: The Walters Art Museum Constructed: ~1545 CE Status: Known Material: Steel, leather, iron This object once existed by the hundred, though it was probably never used. It tried to do two things at once but ended up doing neither very effectively. The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is an American […]

Object 18: Textured Disc

  Reference: Object 18 Size: Jelly jar lid Recorded: January, 2013 Found: California Status: Known Material: Aluminum and glass This object will be instantly recognized by some, but will baffle others. It’s used with another device, but when it’s used, that other device can’t function normally. In fact, anything made with the device while this object is used is thrown away. […]

Object 17: Erect Ceramic Bird

  Reference: Object 17 Size: Roll of Lifesavers Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Houston, TX Status: Known Material: Ceramic, Clay This cute little thing is indeed a bird, but it’s a very distressed bird and if you know it’s purpose, you also know why. Though other devices that served this purpose have been around for well over 100 years, this particular species […]

Object 16: Brass Screened Object

  Reference: Object 16 Size: Football Recorded: July, 2012 Found: House on the Rock, Spring Green, WI Status: Known Material: Brass This object may have been used, or may have been just a sample. You’ve seen similar things before, though they were probably much larger – and you may have only seen them on TV. It is an “old” style of […]

Object 15: One-Legged Figures

  Reference: Object 15 Size: Vegetable Oil Bottle Recorded: September, 2012 Found: Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT Status: Known Material: Wood Manufacturer: Individual Craftsman, probably from Pennsylvania These well-used objects are now trapped in a case, but at one time they were free to explore any corner of the room. Despite having only one leg, they are quite stable and will stand forever […]

Object 14: Snake Skin Object

  Reference: Object 14 Size: Cricket Bat Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Field Museum, Chicago, IL Status: Known Material: Snake Skin, Steel Manufacturer: Bamum People This object is made primarily of snake skin. What kind of snake, we cannot say other than to note that it was a BIG snake. It’s possibly 200 years old, but objects of this type have been made […]

Object 13: Blue Thing

  Reference: Object 13 Size: Tombstone Recorded: December 2012 Found: Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas Status: Known Manufacturer: Unknown This object was found lying on the street in Nassau. It’s a fairly common object in coastal regions, but it’s something most people would never own. There are many different styles, and a trash can lid can serve the same purpose—and often does. […]