Object 32: An Arc of Beads

Reference: Object 32 Size: Hard-cover book Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Santa Cruz, CA, USA Material: Wood, wire, and bone Status: Known This object consists of seven semi-circular strands of beads mounted on a wooden base. The beads appear to be made of bone, carved and painted with different patterns. It easily sits on a bookshelf, mantle, or desk for display as a work […]

Object 31: Strapped Screen

Reference: Object 31 Size: Life Ring Recorded: August, 2012 Found: Brevard, Florida Status: Known This object is made from screens and some riveted straps. There aren’t very many of these, and they weren’t used very long, despite being very expensive. And you absolutely know what it is, who used it, and why. Known: Only used by men. Only used by […]

Object 30: Bright Spot

  Reference: Object 30 Size: Bread Box Recorded: June 5, 2012 Found: Chicago, IL, USA Status: Known What you’re looking at is the inside of a box. The mystery is, why? Known: The box was outside. There was a clear sky. The box is for safety. There is a very strong clue on this page. Hints: Answer:

Object 29: Panic Button

  Reference: Object 29 Size: Yo Yo Recorded: 2012 Found: Chicago, IL, USA Status: Unknown These switches or buttons are found on old buildings in Chicago. The housing is surface mounted with wires often visible, and the button is a “momentary” style rubber membrane, similar to a doorbell but waterproof. It doesn’t appear to be a doorbell, because it’s often […]

Object 28: Hosed Machine

  Reference: Object 28 Size: Large Dog Crate Recorded: November, 2012 Found: Chicago, IL, USA Status: Known Manufactured: 2010s This device is relatively common, though less so today than it once was. It has a tangential relationship to hot chocolate. Its use also increases global warming. Known: Very expensive. Consumes something while it’s being used. Requires a highly trained operator. Bonus […]

Object 27: Holey Box

  Reference: Object 27 Size: Toaster Oven Recorded: September, 2012 Found: Shelburne, VT, USA Status: Known Manufactured: 1800s Material: Wood, tin This was a common homemade item that would be used only under the right circumstances. We use devices for those same circumstances today, but they look nothing like this. It’s arguable about whether then antique version or the modern version is […]

Object 26: Bearded Tool

  Reference: Object 26 Size: Large pliers Recorded: October, 2012 Found: Baltimore, MD, USA Status: Known Manufactured: 1600s, CE Material: Steel Some tools server many purposes, but this one served only two. It was meant to be used in a hurry, for if it failed, disaster loomed. Of course, if it did work, disaster also loomed—but hopefully for someone else. Another item […]

Object 25: Complex Device

  Reference: Object 25 Size: Golf cart Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Concord, NH, USA Status: Known Material: Aluminum, silicone This object’s purpose is well known, and we’ve all used something similar at one time or another. However, very few of us have used one like this, and this is perhaps the most expensive object of its type. Known: Many moving parts. […]

Object 24: Shiny Thing

  Reference: Object 24 Size: Pack of gum Recorded: October, 2012 Found: Baltimore, MD, USA Status: Known Material: Chromed steel These ubiquitous objects were once found in every town in America. You’d find them in many places, but almost never at home. Now, they’re gone, and in most cases they’d be illegal to use as they once were. Even when they […]

Object 23: Beach Blob

  Reference: Object 23 Size: A small pear Recorded: January, 2013 Found: Sanibel, Florida, USA Status: Known Material: Biologic When the Deepwater Horizon spill happened in 2010, black squishy objects were found on the beaches of Sanibel, and a small panic ensued. “BP is ruining our beaches!” As it turned out, none of the oil from that disaster reached Sanibel but […]