Mystery Object 463: Igneous Eggs

In good times, they weren’t used very much, but at other times, having a basket or two of these at the ready was a very good idea.

Mystery Object 462: Heavy Metal

Today, they sit near a parking lot. No signs, no explanation. But once, they served an important role in this town’s history. 

Mystery Object 461: Rife With Rollers

Though it had nothing to do with animals, you’d probably have one of these if you had animals. And despite its size, it required at least two but probably as many as four to operate. And yes, it could kill you if you did it wrong.

Mystery Object 460: Measure This

It was used to bend thin strips of aluminum into a very specific shape. And those aluminum strips were tools used to measure something that we don’t hear as much about these days.

Mystery Object 459: Agent Orange

This is something that’s existed for a long time, but this is a modern version and it’s still in use today. Though most of the time, it’s never used.