Day 8: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton is known for three things: steel, coal, and fiddle music. The only thing left is the music. The steel went the way of most British and US mills and there’s little led to mark its passing except some blight in nearby Glace Bay and a very large crucible on display at a traffic […]

Day 7 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a city that deserves a larger world presence than it presently commands. The around largest natural harbor in the world (after Sydney, Australia), Halifax has a rich history including the rescue of Titanic survivors, the provisioning of troops and supplies for world wars, and, tragically, the largest man made explosion prior to the […]

Day 6 Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is simply named for the bar in the harbor, nice and simple. At low tide, you can walk to another island, but if you’ve parked on the bar at high tide, your car will be under 20 feet of water. Bar Harbor is the quintessential New England seaside town with lobster boats, lobster […]

Day 4 & 5: Boston and Maasdam

Day 4 finds us back in Boston after a lovely visit with some old friends from “across the pond.” At our pre-cruise reception, we made some new friends including Hank Eskin of Where’s George fame. Vermont was well represented, with “Everything Bagel” cheese from cabot, toffee from Rainbow Sweets in Marshville, and hard maple candies […]

Day 3: Shelburne Museum, Vermont

This is one of my favorite places on Earth. In the 1940’s, Vanderbilt heiress Electra Webb started collected things. Some trivets, some bottles, a few quilts. Then some circus toys, an old farm house. A school. A blacksmith’s shop. A light house. A ship…. you get the idea. Spanning several acres in quaint Shelburne, this […]

Day 2: New Hampshire, Vermont

In a day with absolutely perfect weather, we set out north from Concord, NH to Cabot, Vermont. First, a visit to the Hannah Dustin monument. She was a famed pioneer woman who escaped her captors and then returned to scalp them all. Hero? Villain? Depends on whether you were Catholic or Protestant. (More story coming.) […]

Day 1: Boston

Growing up in Salem, Boston was always the “big” city to me. I did work here a bit delivering newspapers at night and driving a truck for awhile, but it was never my city. Still, it has quite a bit of nostalgia. I walked past the Orpheum theater today where saw my first concerts: Talking […]

Day 1: Chicago

Arrived at the airport and made it through security with a minimum of wardrobe malfunctions. TSA has new procedures again, which I just let blow over me like a stale breeze. I have learned to love Midway, and I’m currently ensconced in my pre-flight breakfast nook at Harry Caray’s. Oatmeal, coffee, and the first bacon […]

Field Trip Reporting: May 20-June 1

HASH TAG IS #CofCNE We’re off on a trip to many exciting places, and rather than post our usual content, we’ll be live-blogging our trip with frequent updates to all of our feeds. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter of Facebook for a look into the adventures we’re having on the high seas and at high […]