29-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Can Zeppelins Makes a Comeback? They once promised luxurious international travel, but after the Hindenburg and other disasters, they’ve become a footnote in history. Until now. Lighter-than-air transport is still a possibility, and some companies are developing craft not to ferry tourists around but to move heavy mine equipment over inhospitable terrain. Cheaper to operate and requiring […]

28-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Mystery Booms Solved – Buy Your Own! In the Southern Virginia town of Chesterfield, mysterious explosions have rattled windows and residents for the past several weeks. Always occurring during the day, authorities received over 20 complaints but their investigations turned up little—until now. It turns out that the explosions were caused by a product designed […]

27-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Seattle’s Dangerous Monorail We talk about “megapixels” with cameras and cell phones frequently, but what does that really mean? It’s nothing more than how many millions of pixels (dots on a screen) the device can record. An iPhone 5 records 8 megapixels, or 8,000,000 dots. Film, if it were measured that way, would be somewhere […]

24-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Elephant Battle of Raphia Mystery Solved War elephants have been used for centuries, some even being offered to President Lincoln during the Civil War. (The band Clutch made an album out of this idea.)  In 217 BCE, Antiochus III the Great squared off against Ptolemy IV during the Syrian Wars. Both sides had thousands of […]

23-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Mystery Dog Found with Photo in his Collar A 2-year old terrier mix was brought in as a stray. The thin, but otherwise healthy dog is just one of hundreds of dogs that arrive a facilities nationwide, but “Soldier,” as he was named has a mystery. Nestled in his collar is an old black and […]

22-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

The Bizarre Bathroom Habits of the Sloth It’s long been known that sloths will not do their necessaries while hanging in the trees, but instead journey to the forest floor a few times a week for this purpose. What’s odd is that this requires a lot of energy and exposes the otherwise hidden sloths to […]

21-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Creepy Nature Videos Professor Dennis Hlynsky studies moving things such as birds and insects as an art form. He started tracing their paths with video. The results are mesmerizing and somewhat disturbing. The soundtrack is often as disturbing as the visual image, especially in the toy cockfight scene. PBS interview with Professor Hlynsky. More video on Vimeo. Hat Tip to […]

20-Jan-2014 Daily Curio

Barge Unloads Entire Cargo in Seconds You’ve got a thousands of tons of raw lumber and you need to unload it near the shore. What do you do? Well, just tip the barge over, silly. Though it looks like a ship, Seawise Harverster is actually a barge (towed by the tug Seawise King), and it […]