Photos add interest!

Please e-mail photos of your bottle, message, where it was dropped, or you!

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Your info is private

We will never share your info without your permission. If someone finds your bottle, we will get your permission before sending them your info. Photos will be shared, however, so please blur anything you wouldn't want someone to see (or we'll blur it for you if you tell us.)

Bottle Registration

Please fill out this form to register your bottle! We'll add it to the map usually within 24 hours.

Bottle Registration

This number uniquely identifies your bottle. It is printed on the sheet that came with the bottle kit, or was sent to you via e-mail.

This will not be given to the finder without your permission. Pick an address you're likely to have for the rest of your life.

In case your e-mail doesn't work, we'll try your address. This will never be shared and is not required.

Not required, but it can help us get in touch with you.

Please be detailed. LAT & LON is best, an address is second best, and a long description is third best.

This helps us keep track of time between launch and recovery.

What did your message say? This is optional and you could send a photo of your message instead.

Please add any notes you'd like to tell us.


Tips For Registering

Send us a link to Google Maps of the location if you can. We can get a very exact location.

A photo of the message conveys a lot of information.

It could be decades before your message is found. Pick an e-mail address you're likely to keep.

More information is better!