40. The Lake Michigan Triangle


What is the Lake Michigan Triangle?

You’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle, an area where planes and ships mysteriously disappear. It turns out that there are other triangles with similar properties, and one of those covers a large swath of Lake Michigan. The area is between Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Ludington and Benton Harbor, Michigan. Yes it’s true, any three points can form a triangle. And in this case, that triangle covers the most heavily travelled portions of Lake Michigan. And yes, planes, boats and ships have disappeared here, often without explanation. But is that really surprising? Large bodies of water are good at hiding wreckage and are even today unpredictable at times. But these triangles have no greater incidence of disappearances than any other similar body of water.

Need proof? Lloyd’s of London, the oldest marine insurer in the world, bases rates on the danger of the voyage. They make no alterations for the Bermuda Triangle, the Lake Michigan Triangle, or any other randomly connected three points.

And next time we’ll discover the connection between insurance, and coffee.


The Lake Michigan Triangle

The Lake Michigan Triangle

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