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For the past few months, I’ve been working with Atlas Obscura. If you haven’t heard of Atlas Obscura, I encourage you to head over to atlasobscura.com right now and take a look. We’ll wait. Ok, enough waiting. The Atlas Obscura is the definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places. And it truly is… no matter where you live in the world, they will show you something near you that’s full of wonder. Like what? Let’s randomly type in “Topeka, Kansas.” And.. let’s see, we have an Oz Museum, a portrait of Amelia Earhart made of earthworks, an atomic cannon, and the standard creepy abandoned hospital for the criminally insane.

But Atlas Obscura is more than that. It’s also a way to find unusual tours in your area, and this coming May 30th marks this year’s Obscura Day, with hundreds of events all over the world. What kind of events? Well, would you like to tour Chernobyl? Or visit 100 year old robot clowns? Or maybe you’d rather visit Petra in Jordan, or take part of in a private pinball party? There’s a wealth of opportunity here, and it’s for one day only. Many of the events are free, some have costs. You’ll have to search and see what’s available in your area.

But if you think you live in a boring place, you probably don’t. Atlas Obscura and Obscura Day in particular can help you find the wonder in your neighborhood. At the bottom of their home page it reads, “This is what we believe: 1. There is something NEW under the sun, every day, all over the world. 2. Around the corner is something that will SURPRISE the hell out of you. 3. Atlas Obscura is for people who still believe in DISCOVERY.

And with that, I’m off to visit the Wolves at the Leaping Wall.


Obscura Day 2015

Obscura Day 2015


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