2-00. Season Two


Hello, and welcome to the Daily Curio Season 2. For the next 100 episodes, we’re changing the format a bit. New pieces will now feature more in-depth stories with enhanced sound production.

For those that would like to listen or read in ten minute chunks, the week’s episodes will be compiled into a single episode of Oddments, which will stand alone as an entire episode. Oddments is available as a separate shows for those that wish to subscribe. Just search your podcast provider for “College of Curiosity Oddments”, or use the feed here.

For Season 2, something will connect each episode on a weekly basis, that is… the week will have a theme. But it will be kept secret until it’s revealed at the beginning of the following week. See how many episodes it takes for you to figure it out.

Your feedback is encouraged. If you have an idea for a topic, or you’d like to try something different, drop as a line at jeff@collegeofcuriosity.com. If you’d like to help support the show, visit our Amazon store at CollegeOfCuriosity.com/shop. A portion of each sale will go to us and help us purchase server space and items for our live performances.

Our first episode concerns the continuing mystery of The Somerton Man, who you’ll learn about next time.


Season 2 starts next

Season 2 starts next

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